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Hermits Rest

Hermits Rest, a unique stop in Grand Canyon National Park, offers great views and easy access to hiking trails and a scenic drive providing some of the best views.

  • Get wonderful views from Hermits Rest and the road leading to it
  • Hike the Hermit Trail or Rim Trail to truly experience Grand Canyon
  • Take a bicycling adventure down Hermit Road for some exercise and fun
  • If visiting between March and November, take the shuttle and stop at beautiful overlooks

What can I see and do at Hermits Rest?

  • Historic Site: This specially designed rest stop was built in 1914, to be used by those traveling by motor coach to Hermit Camp. Hermits Rest is a National Historic Landmark, the westernmost stop on Grand Canyon’s South Rim and well worth a visit.
  • Hiking: Just beyond the shuttle stop at Hermits Rest, the Hermit Trail begins. Hiking parts of this trail will stun you with its beauty, with incredible views of surrounding canyon vistas. You can also take the Rim Trail for a longer hike back to Grand Canyon Village (8 miles).
  • Scenic Driving: The scenic drive down Hermit Road to Hermits Rest provides stops where you will get some of the best views of the canyon available. Hopi Point will allow you to glimpse the Colorado River far below, and Pima Point may allow you to hear the crash and roar of the river on a quiet day.
  • Bicycling: You can ride your bicycle down Hermit Road safely, as the traffic here is far less than other spots in the park. Also try the three miles of Greenway Trail for a bicycling adventure.
  • Views: Naturally, Hermits Rest Grand Canyon is a must-see for those visiting the canyon and wishing great views. Besides fun things for the kids to do, the adults will enjoy looking out over Grand Canyon’s colorful cliffs and spires.

Where is Hermits Rest?

Hermits Rest is on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, 8 miles west of Grand Canyon Village on Hermit Road. When entering the park from the southern entrance, continue on to Grand Canyon Village, getting on the Village Loop. Carry on straight ahead to the intersection with Hermit Road, which takes you directly to Hermits Rest.

From the eastern entrance, you will take Highway 64 to Grand Canyon Village and then follow the directions as above. If between March and November when you are visiting, you’ll park in Grand Canyon Village and take the shuttle out Hermit Road to Hermits Rest.

When is Hermits Rest open?

Hermits Rest is open all year, but between March and November is only accessible by taking the Park shuttle.

How much does Hermits Rest cost?

There is no charge for visiting Hermits Rest.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Call the Grand Canyon Visitor Information phone at (928) 638-7888 if you have further questions regarding Grand Canyon Hermits Rest.

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