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Desert View Point

Desert View Grand Canyon is your introduction to this famous and scenic national park, offering much in the way of sights, history and a Visitor Center to inspire and enlighten.

  • Desert View Point offers a wide array of sights in Grand Canyon National Park
  • Desert View Visitor Center has exhibits that will enlighten you on this park and its history
  • Camp at the Desert View Campground
  • Driving from Desert View on Desert View Drive provides many spectacular overlooks

What can I see and do at Desert View Point?

  • Views: Since Desert View is the highest viewpoint on the South Rim, views are exceptional. You can see the Painted Desert in the distance, and if you come at sunset, the colors will astound.
  • Visitor Center: Stop by the Desert View Point Visitor Center and Bookstore and browse the exhibits. You’ll see how the Grand Canyon landscape has been inspiration to numerous artists, musicians and writers.
  • Camping: With the campground at Desert View Point Grand Canyon, you can stay for a day or two to take in all the sights and sounds of Grand Canyon National Park. It’s a great home base for your adventures.
  • Scenic Drive: The Desert View Drive (from Desert View to the western side of Grand Canyon National Park) takes you 25 miles along the South Rim, with many points to stop and view the amazing colors and shapes of this wondrous place.

Where is Desert View Point?

Grand Canyon Desert View Point is on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. From the East Entrance, take Highway 64 and turn right to Desert View. From Grand Canyon Village, drive east on Highway 64 and take a left to Desert View.

When is Desert View Point open?

Desert View Grand Canyon National Park is open and accessible all year.

How much does Desert View Point cost?

There are no fees to visit Desert View Point.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Call the Grand Canyon’s Visitor Information telephone at (928) 638-7888 and you can get any questions answered.

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