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Grand Canyon Train Station

The Grand Canyon National Park is home to its own train and includes fascinating tours and trips for everyone. It began as the main means of transport in Arizona in the beginning of last century, allowing people who were passing through to catch a quick glimpse of the canyon before they traveled across the state towards the west. Today it is a vintage and historical relic that entertains people from across the globe. Read More

It is amazing to think that the history train trips and the Grand Canyon National Park could become so closely related, but this is so true of the historical train that takes tours and interested parties on rides throughout the park, following a route that is over one hundred years old.

In 1901 the train made its first trip through the canyon to get people quickly around the vast area and then sped off to other towns and cities further afield. In fact, it has become known as one of the United States' most well-loved train trips.

The Railway now does tours packages that are inclusive of train traveling costs, accommodation at one of the park's hotels, campgrounds or RV parks. It does a run called the Polar Express, which is held every Christmas, much to the delight of the many children who wait for it on the platform because they are told it has come all the way from the North Pole, carrying Santa Claus.

The train carries passengers through the varied canyons in the late afternoon, finally finishing its journey as the sun sets, its last rays making the canyon come alive with colour. Then it drops passengers off at their destination of choice, before returning to the station for another year.

The train stops at the two major accommodation sites, the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park. Guests are welcomed with a bonus to their trip costs of a delicious dinner and stays in either pure luxury at the hotel or simple, but comfortable pleasures at the RV park.

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