Grand Canyon NP: Natl Park Information


One of the most popular and picturesque natural tourist attractions in the world is the Grand Canyon National Park located in northwest Arizona. Browse through Park Highlights. Find a place to stay in a Park Campground or Park Lodge. Learn about Ranger Programs and stop by a Visitor Center.

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Other Grand Canyon National Park Resources

Grand Canyon Association

The Grand Canyon Association provides support to Grand Canyon National Park and visitors.

Jim's Grand Canyon

Jim's Grand Canyon provides information and links about Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon School District

The Grand Canyon Unified School District serves the children in and around Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Trust

The Grand Canyon Trust is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Colorado Plateau.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle was designed to encourage travel to the areas that surround Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Circle Field School

The Grand Circle Field School offers educational programs and adventures on the Colorado Plateau.