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South Kaibab Trail

Because South Kaibab Trail offers views and geological details like no other trail at Grand Canyon National Park, even though strenuous, this hike is most certainly worth any effort expended.

  • Grand Canyon Kaibab Trail is 7.1 miles one way
  • This hike takes about 3 ½ hours going down, but around 6 hours hiking back up to the rim
  • Trailhead at Yaki Point, accessible only by shuttle bus
  • View ancient rock formations and get incredible canyon views

Why should I hike South Kaibab Trail?

South Kaibab Trail shows you the sights of Grand Canyon National Park that you longed to see when you planned your trip here. As you hike this trail, you’ll see rock formations created millions, even billions of years ago, and at Ooh Aah Point (named quite appropriately), you will get 360-degree views of the canyon.

Where is the trailhead?

Grand Canyon Kaibab Trail can be reached by taking a shuttle bus from Grand Canyon Visitor Center to Yaki Point Road (the only way to reach the trailhead). The trail starts just south of Yaki Point.

What can I expect?

  • Distance: 7.1 miles
  • Average Time of Hike: About 3 1/2 hours going down, about 6 hours hiking back up
  • Elevation Loss/Gain: 4780 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Trail Type: Out and back

Any suggestions on planning and preparing for this trail?

The Kaibab Trail Grand Canyon can be misleading as far as steepness, and it can take twice the amount of time to hike up as it did to hike down. Keep that in mind when embarking on your trek.

You should also remember to bring plenty of water, as there is no water available along the trail. Any water from natural sources will need to be filtered or treated.

You may only camp at Bright Angel Campground, and will need a permit to do so. Also always be prepared for sudden weather changes. In winter or early spring, the upper portion of the trail may be icy.