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Ken Patrick Trail

The Grand Canyon National Park's Ken Patrick Trail is found on the north rim. It takes visitors through interesting territory, and offers a fare amount of challenges. It is not the most scenic route through the canyon or very well maintained, but it is the best way to reach Point Imperial, a place of intense beauty. Read More

Challenging hikes are the cornerstone of the Grand Canyon National Park, and the Ken Patrick Trail is definitely one to consider when planning a hike to the north rim. In fact, it is a good one day excursion, with its final destination begin the best reward of all.

The trail begins in a parking lot, located just north of the canyon's lodge. The first section is pretty simple, but after it bypasses the Old Bright Angel Trail, it becomes harder to follow, and a map is definitely needed. It heads northward above the Roaring Springs, following the drainage area for about a quarter of a mile, then reaches a junction with another trail, finally reaching yet another fork which is clearly sign posted.

As long as hikers head in a northerly direction, the chances of getting lost are minimal. However, it is essential to not divert onto any drainage routes or service roads that may appear. As long as one follows these guidelines, it is easy to move forward, and hikers know they are on the right route when they reach a large pile of trees that require some climbing.

Eventually, the trail exits onto the Cape Royal Road, crossing it and heading out to the forest. Finally, after travelling about four miles, the trail climbs up the northern rim, reaching the final destination and views beyond compare at Point Imperial.