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Grandview Point / Trail

The Grand Canyon National Park has many trails suited for hiking and backpacking, but Grandview Point Trail is one of the best outlook points for reaching most areas of the park. It only takes a day to reach the southern rim, but the rewards are definitely well worth the try.

When trying to find that perfect trail that gets one backpacking or hiking from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other, the Grandview Point is the best option. This single day trip provides an overlook of a selection of views that include most of the most popular destination spots in the park.

This gratifying jaunt leads to a forested mesa, just below the park's southern rim. In fact, these types of mesas are very normal at the middle to higher levels of the canyon's inner sanctum. They appear very inviting when seen from the top. However, most of these isolated islands of rock are reachable, even on a hike. This is of course with the exception of the reddish limestone Horseshoe Mesa that is positioned between the Colorado River and the southern rim.

The trail follows an ancient aboriginal route, one that was reconstructed by a miner in the late 1800's. Hikers are rewarded with grand views of the inner canyons as well as the richly diverse history of local mining. The area is dotted with varied relics from that era, far-reaching landscapes and an attractive campground.

One special stop is the Last Chance Mine, which sits on this wonderful mesa. Hikers can take time out to see first hand what life was like then – a ruined cabin, mining tools, rusted cans and other interesting artifacts. However, hikers and backpackers are asked to leave the sight untouched as the site is one of the state's important historical sites.