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Widforss Point

Widforss Point in the Grand Canyon National Park is an overlook that can only be reached by a very long trail; one that's round trip may require an overnight campground. A lot of hikers choose this trail for it s challenges; though most just want to share in the amazing wonders that the point has to show them. Read More

Scenery and the Grand Canyon National Park go hand in hand. Therefore no one could be taken by surprise when one finds that hikers will travel over sixteen miles round trip to see the park's famous Widforss Point, using the equally as popular Widforss Trail. It is one hike that is sure to please even the most expert hiker.

To get to the point, one has to use the trail (same name) along the southern rim. It takes about two miles to do this section, finally emerging at the point, but there are varied other sites of interest that should also be viewed enroute. The trail is fairly shaded, but despite that, summer temperatures can still be overwhelming, so taking plenty of water is necessary.

For most of the trip and even at the point, most people are not aware that the altitude is in fact eight thousands feet above sea level, and the air can be thin. It is recommended that those who cannot handle high altitudes or summer from heart conditions should be very cautious about taking this trip.

Interestingly, despite water and public amenities, the trail has attracted many artists and geologist. They came as early as the 1930's to study and document the canyon.