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Angels Window

Angels Window on the North Rim of Grand Canyon provides the unique experience of walking out over this natural arch to a viewpoint with spectacular views of this canyon’s wonders.

  • Angels Window is on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at the end of Cape Royal Road
  • Hike over the arch of Angels Window to the overlook
  • Experience the Cape Royal and Cliff Springs Trails and the views they offer
  • Stop for a picnic at Vista Encantada Picnic Area

What can I see and do at Angels Window?

  • Scenic Drive: Driving the Cape Royal Road to Angels Window offers the opportunity to stop along the way for stunning views. The Vista Encantada Picnic Area is the perfect scenic spot for a picnic, and the Roosevelt Viewpoint and Walhalla Overlook provide incredible and colorful views of Grand Canyon.
  • Hiking: It is a short half-mile walk to Angels Window, taking you over the arch itself and to the edge with the viewpoint, bringing exclamations of awe from everyone. You can also take the trail to Cape Royal and experience the 360-degree viewpoint at the end or the 2-mile round-trip Cliff Springs Trail just opposite the overlook to Angels Window.
  • Photo Opportunities: No matter where you stop and view the canyon’s colors and shapes, the amazing sights almost mandate snapping some pictures, no matter whether you are an amateur or pro photographer.

Where is Angels Window?

Angels Window is located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, at the end of Cape Royal Road. To get there, take Highway 67 into the park at the North Entrance, but instead of continuing on to the Visitor Center, turn left towards Point Imperial, following the highway to the junction of Cape Royal Road.

Turn right onto Cape Royal Road and continue past Cape Final to the end at Cape Royal. You’ll see signs for Angels Window.

When is Angels Window open?

You can reach Angels Window from mid-May to mid-October, when all visitor services are available. In the winter, the road to the North Rim of Grand Canyon often closes due to snow, but from 15 October until the snow comes, you may still access the North Rim for day use only. Once Highway 67 closes at the first snowfall, it won’t open again until 15 May.

How much does Angels Window cost?

Visiting Angels Window is free of charge.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

For more information about Angels Window, call the General Visitor Information phone at (928) 638-7888.