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Bright Angel Point

On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Point provides a perfect place for experiencing the panoramic views into the depths of the canyon from the north side.

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Grand Canyon Lodge - North Rim

Cabins and Motel on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at Bright Angel Point. Restaurant on site, hiking trails and mule rides.

  • Bright Angel Point, on the North Rim, offers spectacular views of Grand Canyon
  • Hiking to the point is a paved one-half mile trail that’s great for the whole family
  • Hear Roaring Springs, the source of all water for the North and South Rim
  • Camp nearby at the North Rim Campground

What can I see and do at Bright Angel Point?

  • Hiking: A .5-mile round trip hike and you can enjoy the dramatic views of the Grand Canyon from the high North Rim. The trail is paved and although is steep in some spots and has some stairs, the whole family will love it.
  • Camping: The North Rim Campground is not far away, north of the lodge on the Entrance Road. You can sleep out under the stars between trips out to the point to take in the sights.
  • Photo opportunities: Waiting for the right light may not be a necessity when standing at Bright Angel Point. You can get some incredible shots of the multicolored rock layers that record over 4 billion years of geological formation.
  • Historic spot: As you walk the trail to Bright Angel Point, to your left is the Roaring Springs Canyon, and you will likely hear the rushing water of Roaring Springs, over 3,000 feet below the rim. Since 1928, this water source has provided water to both the North and South Rim, with power lines below the trail giving the power needed to pump it all the way across the canyon.

Where is Bright Angel Point?

To get to Grand Canyon Bright Angel Point, take the entrance road to the North Rim (Highway 67) and follow it all the way to the end and Grand Canyon Lodge. From the parking area, you can walk the short trail to reach this marvelous overlook.

When is Bright Angel Point open?

Bright Angel Point is accessible from 15 May to 15 October. At this time all the visitor facilities are also open and available to you. In winter months, Highway 67 to the North Rim often closes due to snow, but from 15 October until the snow comes, you may still access Bright Angel Point during the day. Once Highway 67 closes at the first snowfall, it won’t open again until 15 May.

How much does Bright Angel Point cost?

Bright Angel Point Grand Canyon is free to access.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Call the General Visitor Information phone for Grand Canyon at (928) 638-7888.