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Walhalla Overlook

History unfolds as you explore Walhalla Overlook on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, with views of the Unkar Delta, farmland of the ancient people who once lived here.

  • Walhalla Overlook is near the end of Cape Royal Road
  • Enjoy a scenic drive to arrive at the overlook, stopping on the way for the views
  • Discover ruins and remains of the ancestral Pueblo people
  • Catch an interesting ranger talk about survival in the Grand Canyon hundreds of years ago

What can I see and do at Walhalla Overlook?

  • Scenic Drive: Taking the Cape Royal Road to Walhalla Overlook is a beautiful drive past a number of other sights. You can stop at Vista Encantada, Roosevelt Point and Cape Final along the way.
  • Views: Since Walhalla Overlook is at a low elevation on the North Rim, it provides a stunning view of the Unkar Delta. This delta of the Colorado River was a farmland for the ancient Puebloans.
  • Ranger Talk: A ranger talk entitled “Into the Past” is held at the Walhalla Overlook parking lot. Here you’ll find how the ancient people survived here hundreds and thousands of years ago. You can check at the Visitor Center for the times you can catch this ranger program.
  • Historic Sites: You’ll see interesting remains for the distant past at this overlook, including those of the ancestral Pueblo Kiva and the Walhalla Glades Pueblo that was inhabited around the year 1050.
  • Hiking: Discover an ancient granary by taking a nearby trail, and explore this fascinating area.

Where is Walhalla Overlook?

Walhalla Overlook is on the Walhalla Plateau on the North Rim of Grand Canyon. It is close to the end of the Cape Royal road, about one mile before Angel’s Window. Take Highway 67 into Grand Canyon National Park at the North Entrance, but instead of continuing south to the Visitor Center, turn left towards Point Imperial, following the highway to the junction of Cape Royal Road. Turn right onto Cape Royal Road and follow it to the signs for Walhalla Overlook.

When is Walhalla Overlook open?

The North Rim is open and you can access Walhalla Overlook from the middle of May to the middle of October. In the winter months, the highway into the park closes due to snow, but after 15 October until the first snow of the year, you can still get to the Walhalla Overlook for day use only.

How much does Walhalla Overlook cost?

There is no charges or fees for Walhalla Overlook. If you’ll be camping in the area, you’ll need a backcountry permit. The cost for the permit is $10 and there’s an additional fee of $5 per group per night when camping above the rim and $5 per person when camping below the rim.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you need more information you can always call the Grand Canyon’s visitor information phone number at (928) 638-7888.