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Cape Final

Cape Final on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon offers not only some panoramic views of the eastern Grand Canyon, but also hiking, backcountry camping and amazing photo opportunities.

  • Cape Final is on the North Rim of Grand Canyon and provides expansive views
  • The overlook gives you glimpses of creeks and rivers at the bottom of the canyon
  • Do some backcountry camping along Cape Final Trail
  • Be sure to bring your camera for incredible shots from the rim

What can I see and do at Cape Final?

  • Scenic Drive: As you drive down Cape Royal Road to Cape Final, you’ll have the chance to stop for a picnic at Vista Encantada Picnic Area. This spot provides excellent views of the canyon and is a favorite of visitors.
  • Hiking: It takes about two hours to hike the 4-mile trail to Cape Final and back. Allow time to stand at this 7,916-foot elevation to take in the sights. You will overlook a wide expanse of the canyon with views of the Colorado River and various creeks.
  • Camping: Along the last half-mile of the Cape Final Trail, you will discover perfect places to camp out under the stars. You’ll need a backcountry permit in order to camp here. There are no toilet facilities.
  • Photo opportunities: As the trail descends into a basin and heads north, you will see some shots that you won’t want to miss, with red buttes and cliffs, and further along, ravines and mesas. You can get some great pictures of Freya Castle and Juno Temple.

Where is Cape Final?

Cape Final is on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, 12.5 miles down Cape Royal Road from the intersection with Point Imperial Road. Simply take Highway 67 into the park at the North Entrance, but instead of continuing on to the Visitor Center, turn left towards Point Imperial, following the highway to the junction of Cape Royal Road.

When is Cape Final open?

The North Rim is open and you can access Cape Final from mid-May to mid-October. During the winter, Highway 67 often closes because of snow, but from 15 October until the first snow, you may still be able to get to Cape Final for day use only. After Highway 67 closes due to snow, the road won’t open again until the middle of May.

How much does Cape Final cost?

Access to Cape Final at Grand Canyon National Park is free of charge. If camping and getting a backcountry permit, it costs $10 per permit and an additional $5 per group per night when you camp above the rim and $5 per person when you camp below the rim.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you need more information or have questions that need answering, call the General Visitor Information phone for Grand Canyon at (928) 638-7888.