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Kaibab Squirrel

The rare Kaibab Squirrel lives only on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and you may catch a glimpse of this tufted-eared darling scampering in the Ponderosa pine forest.

  • The Kaibab Squirrel only exists within a small part of Grand Canyon National Park
  • You may spot a Kaibab Squirrel within the Ponderosa forest on the North Rim
  • Look for his one or two-inch tufted ears and white tail
  • A rare species, this squirrel is strictly protected

What is the Kaibab Squirrel?

The Kaibab Squirrel is thought to be a relative of a species called Abert’s Squirrel, but has a number of different characteristics. The Kaibab Squirrel is quite distinctive when spotted in the forest with its:

  • One or two-inch tufted ears
  • Black tummy
  • Fluffy white tail

Why is it unique?

This marvelous and quiet-tempered squirrel is not found in any other part of the world, only on the Kaibab Plateau section of the North Rim of Grand Canyon.

Where can I see the Kaibab Squirrel?

There are a few hundred acres of land within Grand Canyon National Park, designated the Kaibab Squirrel National Natural Landmark. You can very likely spot the little fellow in the woods on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and in the northern section of Kaibab National Forest near Jacob Lake, Arizona. The Kaibab Squirrel’s favorite foods are the pinecones of the Ponderosa pine trees, and he will be found in the Ponderosa forests where he also builds his nest.

Can I pet and feed the Kaibab Squirrel?

The National Park Service, the Forest Service and the State of Arizona have given this rare squirrel strict protection. You should not feed, approach or touch this small mammal so the species can remain wild and be carefully preserved within their natural habitat for future generations.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you have other questions about the Kaibab Squirrel, call the General Visitor Information phone for Grand Canyon at (928) 638-7888.