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Tuweep / Toroweap

Looking for a different kind of Grand Canyon experience? A trip to Toroweap, sometimes called Tuweap or Tuweep, might be just the ticket. Safely located almost 150 miles from the popular tourist destination of the North Rim, this remote portion of Grand Canyon National Park offers Grand Canyon views with the quiet solitude of pure desert wilderness.


Toroweap truly redefines the Grand Canyon experience, though getting there certainly takes some effort. Access to the area is free of charge, despite being within park boundaries, but involves a mildly treacherous, two and a half hour drive over a little-maintained dirt road. Travel to Toroweap is not recommended following a rain or snow storm! Still, for the determined traveler, the 3,000 foot vertical drop to the canyon floor is beyond worth the wait. At 4,552 feet in elevation, the viewpoint from the Toroweap access road is the lowest in elevation, but the silence is truly deafening, and most visitors to Toroweap describe it as a life-altering experience.

Once you arrive at the rim of the canyon, there are plenty of things to do other than gawk at the scenery (though open-mouthed gaping is not at all unusual). A number of day hikes explore both the rim and foray into smaller canyons in the area. Most visitors plan to stay the night in one of Toroweap's desert campgrounds rather than endure another bumpy car ride. Just a reminder: you must bring your own water! Toroweap is a desert environment far from civilization with no water access.

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