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Kanab Creek Wilderness

The Kanab Creek Wilderness is a recreation area that covers about seventy thousand acres in Arizona. It is a harsh place of extreme beauty, attracting many visitors who enjoy hiking on its extensive trail system. However, its harshness comes into play during the summer, and most people prefer it during the spring or autumn. Read More

Spring and autumn in Arizona's Kanab Creek Wilderness is a great time for recreation. Temperatures are bearable, and the searing summer heat can be avoided by travelers. Most come for the trails, and to see the nearby creek as well as other interesting attractions.

The trail system in Kanab is very intricate. Most originate on the eastern section of the park, as the western access road is fairly difficult to drive on. However, the trails come 'au natural' and their conditions may vary according to the seasons and even over the years.

The best time to hike Kanab's trails is during the spring or even the autumn. Summer temperatures can exceed 1200 F, and water supplies are limited to nearby springs and the occasional seepage, which for hikers can make the difference between life and death. In fact, even at other times of years, hikers are advised to carry sufficient water, especially if hiking into the backcountry for any longer than a day or two.

The Kanab Creek that flows through the park, mainly during the rainy season; it should not be relied upon to even exist during the warmer months. In fact, guests are strongly advised to register at the North Kaibab Ranger Station for advice, conditions and other information regarding water sources and the trails. A backcountry permit is required for any overnight stays.