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Mount Logan Wildernes

Mount Logan Wilderness is an over fourteen thousand acre area of federal land that is part of the famous Arizona Strip. It is a place of extreme isolation, and only the best survivalists and adventurers dare to challenge its terrain. However, recreation is available for the curious, and the experience is more than worth it. Read More

Most people only dream of doing what most of us would never dare to do – really survive the true wilderness. Arizona's Mount Logan federal lands are on of those spots where recreation is limited and challenging, but where, if desired, true survival skills can be tested. Anyone who dares to visit it comes away, even if just for a day with a great sense of achievement.

The wilderness is also known for its many geological features and scenery. Its basalt mountains are riddled with high edges, pine and juniper forests, and the incredible Hell's Hole, a huge natural depression in the land. In fact, this depression is home to many rare wildlife species of deer, squirrels and turkey. Its recent and developing volcanic history is apparent.

The area is easy to reach from nearby Fredonia. It is just a northern most drive from the nearby Grand Canyon, so locals dodge between the two sites, enjoying the dramatic contrasts between the two incredible wonders.

It cannot be emphasized enough that this wilderness is as wild as it gets. There are no facilities, amenities, food and water providers, and even cell phones do not work there, an accepted problem all along the Arizona Strip. Venturing into the wilderness' backcountry requires more than just basic survival skills. Those with any less than moderate levels are truly risking life and limb. Any hope of rescue may not come for at least six hours or more, if word gets to the authorities at all. Deaths have occurred, so safety and group adventures are the only sure bet.

Otherwise the wilderness is open all year. There are no fees. Reservations are never required. Camping spots are at the discretion of the camper, though federal fire and safety laws do apply, and should be adhered to.

Recreational activities attract all people to its unmarked trails, so a guide is essential. With its scenic beauty, viewing wildlife, photography, hiking, horseback riding, hunting and backpacking are common pursuits.