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Little Colorado River

Rafting is not usually associated with river tributaries, but the Little Colorado River is fast becoming one of those exceptions. It is one of the largest associated with the Colorado River, and extends about three hundred and fifteen miles across the Grand Canyon. In fact, it has been harnessed by one community for pleasure and irrigation purposes.

The Little Colorado River is located in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, one of the Colorado River's many tributaries. It is fast moving, and not fit for fishing, but many tour companies offer rafting expeditions down some sections of its rapids. Though it is not very well-known for the rafting, more and more people are giving it a try.

The river supplies drainage and irrigation for the canyon's nearby Painted Desert. It begins in the east, rising high through Apache territory, and flows northward. It flows through varied gorges and passes three major towns – Winslow, Holbrook and St. Johns. It finally joins up with the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon.

The section close to St. Johns is dammed to create an irrigation reservoir for the local agricultural industry. It is know by most as Lyman Lake State Park. This allows locals and tourists to enjoy the river water for fishing, boating and even swimming. Town picnics are commonly held there too, as well as town fairs and other seasonal community and private events.

The river flows very fast at about five thousand feet4/ second. However, it can become irregular during the hotter months, and increase as much as 600% during heavy downpours.