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Mount Trumbull Wilderness

Many can only hope to experience just a taste of wilderness, nothing compared to the survivalist adventures that some get when visiting the Mount Trumball Wilderness in Arizona. This federally owned recreation site has its challenges, ones that test even the hardiest person. It provides a spectacular backcountry that dares anyone to enjoy the many opportunities it can provide. Read More

Located high above the Toporweap Valley, the Mount Trumball Wilderness is a majestic site to behold. With over seven thousand acres available for fun and recreation, it is not a place for the faint of heart. In fact, this recently volcanic region has barely been touched my modern life, amenities and conveniences still remaining non-existent.

The wilderness is a vast scenic enclave, filled with remnants of its volcanic past. Its basalt mountains are riddled with high edges, pine and oak forests, and the shimmers of autumn colors from its many aspen trees. It is also the habitat of varied types of wildlife, including squirrels, bears and deer.

This dramatic section of the state is near Fredonia and the Grand Canyon, to the north. Locals know this area well, and take time to investigate and enjoy the pleasures that both areas provide. In fact, the wilderness is itself classified as one of the areas most beautiful wonders.

There is no doubt that Mount Trumball is virtually untamed. Park authorities have left it as a virgin territory, void of any water or food supplies, modern amenities or regular park facilities. In fact, the wilderness sits in what is known as the Arizona Strip, which is one part of a huge strip of land that extends from Arizona to as far north as Canada. Radio and phone transmissions do work there.

Federal authorities also warn travelers about the dangers in heading into the area. It is far from emergency services and there is very little one can do if one gets stuck in the backcountry or injured within the forest, except wait and hope that rescuers will soon arrive. This is why visitors are recommended to stick closer to the roads, and if they must wander into the backcountry, be fully prepared for safety, overnight camping, and have an itinery that is known to both friends/family and/or the local forest ranger services, just in case. In fact, group travel is best advised, as well as above average survival abilities.

The wilderness is open to the public throughout the year. Currently there are no campgrounds, except wild spots that should be chosen with caution. Also, federal fire safety laws are strictly enforced, and any campfires should be avoided if at all possible. Otherwise, it is a grand place to travel and enjoy. Recreation is great for hiking, horse riding, climbing and backpacking.