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Horse Pack Trips

During the Wild West times, horse pack trips were a way of life for many ranchers and even prospectors who went through the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Today, horse rides follow some of the old trails that have been used by both settlers and native people alike for many centuries. Read More

Tourists are treated to incredible scenery and complete solitude as they become one with their horses. In fact, rides are available from tour companies and ranches throughout the year, though most opt for the spring when the Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) is warm, but not too hot.

These rides are very rigorous and travel into parts of the park that are very challenging. On certain stretches, riders may dismount to avoid treacherous and dangerous spots, leading their pack horses through safely. In fact, most visitors gain a definite appreciation, not only for the incredible exercise involved, but the resilience of these well-trained horses. Even their keen instincts when negotiating the varied trails is astounding to most.

Rides generally go to the northern rim of the park, where civilization has been banished to another corner, far far away. The most one can expect is to see the occasional big horned sheep, curious deer or maybe the odd condor flying the updrafts overhead.

Most groups are small in number, and everyone has to have sufficient skills to manage their horse, themselves and pitch in with camp duties. Those that choose the winter version will see the canyon in a way that most never will.

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