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Find local fly fishing shops and knowledgeable fishing guides in Grand Canyon National Park to make the most of your fishing adventure.

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  • Experience Grand Canyon by fishing the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon
  • Upstream from Phantom Ranch is a great place to catch trout
  • Find fishing hotspots near Lees Ferry
  • Go in fall or winter for the best fishing season
  • Don’t forget your fishing permit when starting your adventure

Can I fish in the Grand Canyon?

The short answer is YES. This 1,450-mile river flows about 240 miles through the Grand Canyon, and provides some excellent fishing when you know where to go. The scenery is also beyond compare. Some of the places to try your luck:

  • Phantom Ranch
    Upstream from the ranch on Bright Angel Creek, you’ll find unlimited Grand Canyon fly fishing for trout, catfish and striped bass. Getting to Phantom Ranch will require either a long hike or a pit-stop along a river trip, but it’s well worth the effort.
  • Between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry
    This is a 16-mile stretch of great fishing, but you can only get to the hotspots by boat. You can do some wading by walking up a mile along the shore from Lees Ferry parking area.

More information:

  • Seasons: Fall and winter are the best fishing seasons, with summer normally slowing your catch due to the intense heat.
  • Fish Species: Many species of fish can be caught on the Colorado River and the creeks within Grand Canyon. Find carp, rainbow trout, catfish, flannel-mouth and blue-head sucker and speckled dace.

Do I need a permit/license?

For fishing in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park you will need to have a fishing permit. You can find them at Canyon Village Market Plaza at the General Store. The cost is $17.25 for a one-day permit or $32 for a 5-day permit. Call the Arizona Game and Fish Department at (602) 942-3000 for more information.

Within the park it is also required you have a Trout Stamp, at $9 per day fee.

Know the regulations before you begin to fish. There are special artificial lure regulations as well as bag limits you should be aware of, depending on where you’ll fish.

I am looking for a Fishing Guide

Grand Canyon fishing is always best with an experienced guide, who knows where to go and when. Explore the listings on this page to find a fishing guide or an outfitter who can supply you with all you need for the perfect fishing trip.