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White Water Trips

Grand Canyon whitewater rafting provides a unique experience when you decide to fully explore Grand Canyon National Park, one of incredible beauty, canyon colors, thrilling rapids and quiet floats.

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Where can I go Whitewater Rafting?

Grand Canyon white water rafting offers spectacular views, plenty of exciting rapids, and a one-of-a-kind experience deep within the canyon. You can enjoy a guided river trip or a self-guided rafting trip, depending upon your expertise. The Grand Canyon white water rapids range from a calm and scenic Class 1 to a wild and even dangerous Class 10.

A few of the places where you can begin your Grand Canyon whitewater adventure:

  • Glen Canyon Dam: For smooth and relaxing floats of one day in length, you can start out from Glen Canyon and move through amazing scenery to Lees Ferry, a little north of Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Lees Ferry: Many river trips start at Lees Ferry, lasting a half-day, full day or up to long 25-day excursions through the entire canyon and braving all the hot spots of whitewater.
  • Phantom Ranch: Hiking to Phantom Ranch is half the fun, but once you start the trip down the Colorado River, it is whitewater rapids and thrills galore. This is the mid-way point for full canyon whitewater trips.
  • Whitmore Wash: Begin your river adventure at Whitmore Wash to head into the final majesty of the lower canyon. 
  • Diamond Creek: Although a popular take-out for Colorado River rafters, you can start a scenic float trip here and make it all the way to Lake Mead.

I am looking for a guide

Grand Canyon white water trips meet and exceed expectations when you hire a guide or outfitter to provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore the canyon in the best way possible. Discover the right guide or outfitter for your whitewater trip by browsing the listings on this page.