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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding vacations in Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) are an incredible way to visit this vast landscape. Whatever the ride length, the rewards are truly worthwhile - friendly animals, friendly guides, and trails that will offer unbeatable vistas.

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Visitors enjoy scenic views and peace when they try horseback riding vacations in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Many companies offer incredible experiences for young and old, experienced and inexperienced. In fact, the most popular time to go is during the spring or autumn, when the summer heat is not overpowering.

These trips are very arduous and wander along trails that lead to park areas that are rarely visited by anyone, except for the most daring hikers. Certain spots require that both the horse and rider walk together as the terrain can be dangerous. In fact, the average rider will find this exhilarating, but for new riders, the thrill is indescribable, teaching them a love of horses, and an understanding of these animals that they can never forget.

General horse rides go along any of the park's trails, with the exception of those that require more difficult climbs. Unlike pack riding, general riding usually goes over shorter lengths. Very few people have the ability or desire to travel high into the backcountry and camp overnight.

Groups are usually small, and come complete with at least a couple of experienced guides. Most people will learn little about horse care on the shorter trips, nor have to concern themselves with stable hand duties. However, whatever the trip type or length, most people agree that a ride through the canyon is something that should not be missed.