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Rock Climbing

Grand Canyon climbing and mountaineering has attracted outdoor enthusiasts for years, with a wide array of great spots for scaling the red rock walls and challenging spires of Grand Canyon. Canyoneering is often the preferred method for exploring the deep rock canyons near Grand Canyon National Park. Find Canyoneering Guides and Tours.

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  • Grand Canyon rock climbing provides some amazing views when you get to the top
  • Scale O’Neill Butte after hiking down South Kaibab Trail
  • The 160-foot spire of Excalibur on the North Rim offers you an adventure in rock climbing
  • Climb the 8,372-foot Mount Hayden and celebrate at the summit

Where can I go climbing?

Zoroaster Temple
Climb up the chimney to the summit for some spectacular views.

  • Type of Climbing: Sport
  • Difficulty: 4 to 5.8 at the most difficult
  • Location: Hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon and get on the Clear Creek Trail to Sumner Wash, and cross-country until you see the break in the wall. 36.118594; -112.045445

O'Neill Butte
Stands out as a landmark when hiking the South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park. This magnificent red butte rises majestically against the sky.

  • Type of Climbing: Sport
  • Difficulty: 5.8
  • Location: Take the shuttle from the Visitor Center in Grand Canyon Village to the South Kaibab Trailhead and hike down the South Kaibab Trail to O’Neill Butte. 36.071372; -112.090446

This 160-foot spire has Coconino sandstone on the top and Hermit Shale on the bottom. Use a few bolts and a couple pitons to climb and use double-line rappel.

  • Type of Climbing: Sport
  • Difficulty: 5.10d
  • Location: Below Galahad Point on the North Rim 36.26248; -112.2548

Where can I go mountaineering?

Mount Hayden
This mountain summit is south of Point Imperial on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Can be climbed in three pitches. Coordinates for this mountain are 36.272206; -111.9690561.

  • Trailhead: Point Imperial parking lot on the North Rim.
  • Distance: Unknown
  • Elevation: 8372 feet
  • Difficulty: 5.7 to 5.8

I am looking for a guide

When climbing Grand Canyon and scaling the sheer walls of challenging mountains, it’s always best to get a guide for the safest and most exciting adventures. Browse the listings on this page to find an outfitter or guide that will create the best climbing or mountaineering vacation for you. Find <a href="" rel="nofollow">Canyoneering Guides and Tours</a>.