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Vulcans Throne

Vulcans Throne gives a sneak preview of the Uinkaret volcanic field and the unique experience of seeing a cinder cone volcano sitting proudly on the North Rim of Grand Canyon. Read More

  • Vulcans Throne is a volcanic feature in Grand Canyon National Park
  • See where lava flowed into the canyon millions of years ago
  • Catch a glimpse of this geologic landmark on the rim from mile 183 on Colorado River
  • Hike from Toroweap Overlook to Vulcans Throne for an up-close view

What is Vulcans Throne?

A fascinating geologic feature of the Grand Canyon is Vulcans Throne, where you can see the power that once created lava flows into the inner canyon. Situated on the North Rim of the canyon, Vulcans Throne made a lava falls at mile 183 along the river within the canyon, still visible today.

When lava flowed down from these basaltic cones, dams and lakes were formed. But the conscientious Colorado River maintained its power and cut through barriers to continue its course through the canyon.

Where is Vulcans Throne?

Vulcans Throne is approximately 1 mile west of Toroweap Overlook on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Although you can see the cones of Vulcans Throne from the Colorado River at mile 183, the only way to access this spot is to drive to Toroweap Overlook and hike a short distance.

The best route is taking Highway 389 west for nine miles past Fredonia until you reach Route 1 or the Mt. Turnbull Loop Road. You drive on this road to Mt. Turnbull and the Toroweap Road, which will take you to the overlook. From Toroweap Overlook, hike west for about 1.2 miles for a view of Vulcans Throne.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

You can always call Grand Canyon National Park’s information phone at (928) 638-7888 for more information.