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Marble Canyon

Lee's Ferry is the launching spot for boats traveling to see the Colorado River's Marble Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park). Its interesting location is like a fork in the road, where the Little Colorado River meets up with main river.

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The Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park is part of the Colorado River, not far from the junction between the river and its main tributary, the Little Colorado River. It is an incredible site to behold, drawing in tourists who travel by boat from Lee's Ferry just to catch a glimpse.

The canyon is true to its name, huge towering cliffs of red and mottled limestone marble that line a raging river. It is here where some rapids begin and is widely used by rafters. In fact, it has been recently proposed that a dam be built in the area to take advantage of the huge water flow, but opposition is growing as it may permanently damage the canyon.

Marble Canyon is the western most boundary for the Navajo reservation and tribe. In fact, monument status had been held by the canyon for many years, but was revoked in 1975. It had then been a part of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Unfortunately, the canyon's days are numbered as a tourist spot for boating and rafting. The area was considered for a dam back in the 1950's, but opposition has prevented it. This was then again attempted in the late 60's, but to no avail. However, evidence of this can still be seen in the cliff walls; huge gaping exploration holes were bored into the walls, the initial first phase of the abandoned project. The damage that was done is still apparent and there is no doubt that opposition many again win the day.