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Redwall Canyon & Cavern

Around mile 33 on your river trip down the Colorado, you will behold Redwall Canyon and Cavern, carved from Redwall limestone, a popular stop for whitewater rafters in Grand Canyon.

  • Travel down the Colorado and stop for a visit at Redwall Canyon and Cavern
  • Hike into the huge cavern and view fossils embedded in the rocks
  • Have a quiet picnic alongside the river on the cavern’s beach
  • Redwall Cavern is at mile 33.1 of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

What is Redwall Canyon and Cavern?

Redwall Canyon is where you’ll discover Redwall Cavern, a huge alcove within the walls of the Grand Canyon. It is an amphitheater created by the Colorado River as it eroded away the limestone cliff walls and a popular spot for river rafters to stop and explore.

The famous explorer of the Grand Canyon, John Wesley Powell, said that he believed it could hold about 50,000 people. But even if that many could not fit inside, it is truly an amazing place to hike and view the fossils embedded in the walls and rock formations within the cave.

Although camping or building fires is not allowed here, you can certainly have a picnic or even play a round of horseshoes on the expansive beach. Watch for the tracks of many small animals that live in the cavern.

Where is Redwall Canyon and Cavern?

This canyon and very large Redwall sandstone cavern is located at mile 33.1 along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

To experience the river, and reach the canyon’s cavern, you can call river rafters in the area to find dates and prices for trips down the Colorado. Many questions can be answered by calling the Grand Canyon Visitor Phone at (928) 638-7888.