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Little Colorado Canyon

The Little Colorado Canyon is located in the upper stretches of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. The Little Colorado River, which has carved the Canyon through history, is one of the main tributaries of the mighty Colorado RIver.

When looking for thing to do in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, the Little Colorado Canyon surprises everyone. It has that added edge of excitement that draws in the crowds of tourists that flock to the area every year.

The Little Colorado has two large, 18-hole mini golf courses which are decorated with tumbling waterfalls, bubbling streams and little ponds. Its main building is considered by most patrons and tourists to be the best part of the day with super takeout pizza, party rooms and an arcade center for kids. In fact, it has gone on the health conscious route by incorporating the latest dance exercise software and equipment that are now being put into many schools as part of their gym classes.

The center also draws in events, parties and events. Local businesses and families find it a great location for weddings, business meetings, trade shows and mini concerts. In fact, it has become the central point in the area for many other events and fairs.

Some of the area's public events include pumpkin carving contests, jumble sales, Christmas fairs, and craft shows. Admission to most of the public events is free, but it is best to call the center ahead of time to check prices and times.