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Ten Mile Rock

Boating the Colorado River at the bottom of Grand Canyon gives you the opportunity to see a famous natural landmark, Ten Mile Rock, Coconino sandstone jutting up from the water. Read More

  • Ten Mile Rock marks the ten-mile point of the Colorado River from Lees Ferry
  • You’ll witness this landmark when rafting down the river in Grand Canyon National Park
  • The rock is Coconino sandstone, jutting up from the waters of the river
  • Scramble up its face for some adventure

What is Ten Mile Rock?

When you are rafting the exciting waters of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, you pass the Ten Mile Rock. This huge sandstone landmark sits within the mighty Colorado, carved from the waters as they rush by.

Your guide may tell that this huge monolith was flown into the national park to mark this spot, but you’ll later find this was the guide’s way of having fun with you as he takes you downriver. This towering piece of rock was formed naturally and invites you to stop and climb its craggy face.

Where is Ten Mile Rock?

Ten Mile Rock is, as its name implies, at the ten-mile mark of the Colorado River, when you start the mileage count at Lees Ferry and end at mile 296 at Lake Mead’s South Cove.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Of course, any rafting questions you have can be answered by calling a river guide. You can call the visitor phone for Grand Canyon National Park at (928) 638-7888.