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Pumpkin Spring

When rafting along the beautiful Colorado River below Grand Canyon’s rim, you can stop to enjoy Pumpkin Spring and take photos of this hot springs pool and pumpkin-like formation. Read More

  • Pumpkin Spring is a formation along the Colorado River
  • When rafting the river in Grand Canyon, you’ll find this hot spring at mile 212.9
  • It looks just like a pumpkin jutting out from the canyon wall
  • Avoid bathing in or drinking the water as it contains high levels of arsenic

What is Pumpkin Spring?

Pumpkin Spring is an unusual formation along the Colorado River which you will see as you are boating down the river in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The rock, colored orange like a pumpkin, juts out from the canyon walls, round with streaks down the sides, again just like a pumpkin.

The waters inside the “pumpkin” are warm, but considered dangerous. It is not advised to bathe in the pool, and particularly not to drink the water as there are very high levels of arsenic as well as high concentrations of lead, zinc, copper and other metals.

It’s a great place to relax after a long day of rafting the whitewaters. And break out the camera, as you won’t see any other sights quite like this on your trip.

Where is Pumpkin Spring?

You will find Pumpkin Spring at mile 212.9 along the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You can only access this area by boat along the river.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

To get any other questions answered, you can call Grand Canyon’s visitor phone at (928) 638-7888. You can also call one of the river outfitters to find out about rafting the Colorado River in Grand Canyon.