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Lava Falls

Lava Falls offers some of the most challenging whitewater in Grand Canyon with the Colorado River turning into a wild, rushing savage and daring you to make it through upright.

  • Lava Falls offers some of the best whitewater in Grand Canyon
  • At mile 179.2 of the Colorado River you can brave this Class 10 rapid
  • Hike to this section of river on the Lava Falls Trail near Toroweap Rim
  • Be sure to decide on your best entry to this rapid

What is Lava Falls?

Lava Falls Grand Canyon is one of the most difficult rapids along the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. Rated as a Class 10, there is a drop of a fast 37 feet to tackle. This fierce whitewater rapid is one to anticipate and be prepared for when rafting the famous Colorado in Grand Canyon National Park.

As you approach this rapid section, you will see the spray and hear the thunderous roar. Your entry should be determined before you hit the rapids, and no matter the advice you’ve received beforehand, you must realize the river is a constantly changing wonder and to be prepared for anything.

Where is Lava Falls?

Grand Canyon Lava Falls is at mile 179.2 in the total 365 miles of Colorado River flowing through the canyon. You can access Lava Falls by boat when rafting the river or via hiking trail by taking the Lava Falls Trail, with its trailhead near Toroweap Rim.

Lava Falls Trail is the shortest route from the rim to the river within the park. Before reaching the rim, you will take an unmarked road for four-wheel drive towards Toroweap Lake and past Vulcan’s Throne.

This trail is not maintained and can be dangerous with loose rock, but at least it’s a short route down to the river. You’ll enjoy it as a seasoned hiker.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If wishing to raft the river, you can contact any one of a number of river rafting outfitters close by. You can also call the Grand Canyon National Park’s visitor phone at (928) 638-7888 if you want more information.