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Zion National Park

Never a dull moment, never an ordinary shade, but dramatic colors, shapes, formations abound. Your vacation is already on its way to the top of the list of cherished memories. No travel could evoke such soul stirring experiences as this one can. Everything you read about Zion National Park in the information brochures and websites is true; every word of it.

When you are on a tour of National Parks you begin to appreciate the uniqueness of each of them even though they're all clubbed under one title. Then you come across one that refuses to fit in due to a vibrant magnificence that effortlessly lifts it eons above the rest. This would have to be Zion National Park in Utah. Legendary, vivacious, unpredictable, and breathtaking, I hereby dub thee the Marilyn Monroe of National Parks.

Small wonder, then, that visitors have been attracted to this mysterious beauty for ages. It's your turn now. The Park is located in southwest Utah, and if you're driving down from the north, take I-15 southward and the exit on Highway 20 to get on UT-89. At Mount Carmel Junction turn into UT-9 and you'll arrive at the east entrance to the park. From the south get on I-15, take exit 16 and make a right turn into UT-9. Follow this road till you hit the south entrance to the park.

After you've had your fill here, you might want to consider driving over to the Grand Canyon which is 282 miles away and can be covered in about 5 hours. You can exit Zion National Park along Kolob Road and take a left turn into UT-9. After about 38 miles, turn right onto Highway 89 for about 173 miles. You'll then come to AZ -64 which leads to the entrance road to the famed Canyon.

If Zion is Ms. Monroe, who would the Grand Canyon be? Clint Eastwood, perhaps? This dubbing thing can be real fun.

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