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Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is a stark raving desert, parts of which are however, known to burst into bloom during spring. This should give you an idea of the idiosyncratic nature of this geological wonder spread over 3 million acres. It would be an ideal vacation destination for those looking to add to their repertoire of historical and geological information, or for those that take pleasure in physical exertion. Travel to Death Valley does call for some degree of fitness.

The ominous sounding name should be an indicator of what to expect when you set out on a vacation to Death Valley National Park; but rest assured it's not as bad as it sounds. Of course the temperature is searing and the sun merciless, but your travel to this Park will have its rewards.

Mountain ranges, valleys, deserts, and sand dunes are just some of the features that go to create this fascinating geological monster. You will be enthralled by the immensity and the impossible colors that silently surround you as you make your way through a subtly changing landscape. To truly appreciate it all, it would be a great idea to browse the history of the area.

Death Valley is mainly located in south-eastern California with a small part of it spreading out across the border into Nevada. Almost on a parallel course on this side runs US 95 which has convenient exits that take you to some important and popular sites in the Park. Route 267 takes you to the famous Scotty's Castle. Across the border in California, Highway 190 literally bisects the Park from east to west touching important spots such as Father Crowley Point, Stovepipe Wells, Furnace Creek, and popular campgrounds.

There is no means of public transportation available to date. So if you don't care to drive yourself, you still have the option of taking a guided tour operated by tour companies. If you're flying in, you land at Las Vegas from where you can rent a car or get information about tour companies that can get you here.

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