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Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is the largest of its kind in Utah and what it has on offer is simply mind-boggling. In fact the more information you get the more awesome it seems. So when you actually get there, just let the massive scale of it all touch your soul. No matter how far you have to travel to reach here, this is one vacation destination that makes it all worthwhile.

Canyonlands National Park is located southwest of Moab in south-eastern Utah and it certainly lives up to its reputation of being the biggest Park in the state. You can enter it from two different highways; UT-313 takes you to the famed Island in the Sky area, while UT-121 brings you to Needles.

This Park is about 394 miles from Grand Canyon and would entail a 9 hour drive to get here. From the Canyon you get on to AZ-64 for about 19 miles from where you turn left on to US- 89. After about 15.6 miles in this direction you need to turn right on to US-160 and do about 125 miles. A left turn into US-191 and a 104 mile stretch later you need to turn in to UT-279. In just under an hour you'll come to Canyonlands.

Public transport in the form of Greyhound buses and Amtrak train services will get you up to Grand Junction and Green River. From these points there are scheduled van services such as the Bighorn Express, and unscheduled ones such as the Roadrunner Shuttle, that bring you up to the Park. Information as to how best to make this trip can be had from Moab Information Centre at the corner of Main and Centre Streets in the city.

Air flights bring you up to Salt Lake City, from where you have about 4 hours by car to reach your destination. If you land at Grand Junction, the car journey can be cut short by about 2 hours. Moab Airport has services such as US Airways to and from Salt Lake City. If you're looking for a more convenient mode of travel, you could consider charter services such as Redtail Aviation and Slickrock Air Guides, Inc. From the airport, there are quite a few shuttle services that bring you into the city.

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