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Tuba City Arizona

Tuba City offers the visitor a look into the Navajo and Hopi Native Americans and the history of these peoples as you tour the museum and shop for arts and crafts. Read More

Why should I visit Tuba City?

Tuba City AZ gives a look into the early Native American life and times, with interesting spots to visit both in town and in the surrounding area.

Where is Tuba City?

Tuba City Arizona lies within Coconino County, in the beautiful Painted Desert. From the South Rim of Grand Canyon, take Highway 64 east from Desert View to US Highway 89 heading north. When you come to Highway 160, take a right to Tuba City. The trip is about 50 miles.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Tuba City offer?

Despite its size, Tuba City offers a nice choice of lodging for the family. Whether you choose an inn, motel or bed and breakfast, you’ll find pleasant amenities.

Dine at the café or one of the family restaurants. Although not a wide selection of places to eat, you will certainly enjoy your dining experience.

What can I do or see in Tuba City?

  • Navajo Interactive Museum: Here you can explore and enjoy the exhibitions on the history, work, lifestyle and crafts of the Navajo. Watch a short film and relax before moving on.
  • Tuba City Trading Post: This is the place to stop and find Native American handmade arts and crafts in this historic building. The trading post was built in 1905.
  • Navajo and Hopi Arts and Crafts: Besides shopping for souvenirs in the trading post, you can attend the flea market that is held each Friday. Local foods are a must to try and there are a variety of crafts to choose from.
  • Dinosaur Tracks: About five miles west of the town, you can visit the site that has dinosaur tracks available to view. The guides can be helpful, but be sure to negotiate your tour price before you start.
  • Coal Mine Canyon: Fifteen miles southeast of Tuba City you can stop at Coal Mine Canyon. A remote spot, you will have the area pretty much to yourself.

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