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Jacob Lake Arizona

Jacob Lake gives you easy access to Grand Canyon National Park and options for outdoor recreation for the whole family, making it the perfect home base for your vacation. Read More

Why should I visit Jacob Lake?

Jacob Lake AZ lies within a lovely ponderosa pine forest on the Kaibab Plateau. The town offers some historic sights, outdoor fun and plenty of wildlife as well as an easy route right to Grand Canyon National Park.

Where is Jacob Lake?

Jacob Lake Arizona is located at the junction of Highway 89A and Highway 67 leading to Grand Canyon National Park. To get there from Grand Canyon North Rim, simply take Highway 67 north out of the park right into Jacob Lake.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Jacob Lake offer?

Lodging in Jacob Lake is limited to one inn with comfortable rooms as well as cabins providing all the amenities you need. You’ll find dining available at the same inn, with a bakery providing plenty of yummy cakes and treats.

What can I do or see in Jacob Lake?

  • Jacob Lake Ranger Station: Visit the historic 1910 Ranger Station to get a taste of the past around this charming town.
  • Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center: Here you will see many exhibits giving you information about the geology, history and wildlife on the Kaibab Plateau. You can also find out what recreation options await you in the area.
  • Vermillion Cliffs: As you drive down beautiful Highway 89A, you will pass the Vermillion Cliffs. This ridge of colorful rock formations gives a spectacular and unique view of the Arizona landscape.
  • Wildlife Viewing and the Kaibab Squirrel: The multitude of wildlife around the Kaibab Plateau will have you exploring the area just to see what types of animal life you can find. You may spot a California condor, mule deer, wild turkey or even the rare Kaibab Squirrel, who only lives in this area and no other.
  • Hiking: Enjoy the true beauty of nature throughout the Kaibab Forest. There are a number of trails in the area where you can get out and trek scenic paths on the Kaibab Plateau.
  • Hunting: Once you get your hunting license from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, you can set off on one of the best hunting adventures yet. Mule deer are the most popular game, and you can hunt with a bow in August and September and a rifle in November.
  • Camping: With a good selection of campgrounds around Jacob Lake, camping out under the stars is a great option when visiting this beautiful Arizona town near Grand Canyon. Find nature trails, wildlife abound and lots of convenient amenities.

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