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North Rim Parkway

The North Rim Parkway scenic drive provides you entrance to Grand Canyon National Park as well as taking you across the Kaibab Plateau and past beautiful forest views.

  • Drive from Jacob Lake, Arizona right to the North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Enjoy the forest views across Kaibab Plateau
  • You’ll spot wildlife such as mule deer, elk and coyote
  • Look for the rare Kaibab squirrel in residence in this forest
  • Visit Bright Angel Point for amazing Grand Canyon views

Why should I drive the North Rim Parkway?

The Grand Canyon Parkway is the only access to Grand Canyon’s North Rim. It is the perfect family scenic drive along a plateau of ponderosa pines and conifers leading right to the spectacular views of Grand Canyon.

Where does the North Rim Parkway begin and end?

The North Rim Parkway begins at Jacob Lake, Arizona and follows Highway 67 into Grand Canyon National Park, ending in North Rim Village.

How long does the North Rim Parkway take to drive?

This 43-mile drive should take you an hour to drive, but you may want to allow a longer time so you can stop to hike the numerous trails available along the way.

What will I see along the way?

  • Kaibab Plateau: As you head to Grand Canyon National Park, you’ll see the mixed conifer and ponderosa pine forests along with the lovely meadows filled with flowers in spring.
  • Wildlife: As you drive along the North Rim Parkway, it is almost guaranteed you’ll spot some of the wildlife that makes their home here. You may see mule deer, wild turkeys, coyote or elk. Sometimes you might spot a black bear or mountain lion.
  • Kaibab squirrel: A rare inhabitant of the Kaibab forest, the Kaibab squirrel is a sight to see. This is the only place on planet Earth where this small creature lives.
  • Bright Angel Point: When you arrive at Grand Canyon’s North Rim Village, you must park and walk to Bright Angel Point to get some incredible views.