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Cape Royal Road

Cape Royal Road provides spectacular views of Grand Canyon at various stops along the northern rim, where you can access a number of hiking trails great for the whole family.

  • This scenic drive offers some of the best views along the North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Enjoy a picnic at Vista Encantada
  • Hike through the woods to Roosevelt Point
  • View the Unkar Delta from Walhalla Overlook
  • Walk out over the Angels Window arch to marvel at incredible views

Why should I drive the Cape Royal Road?

As you drive the Cape Royal Road you will be able to enjoy the unbelievable scenery of Grand Canyon from the highest vantage point in the entire park.

Where does the Cape Royal Road begin and end?

This scenic drive begins just north of the Grand Canyon Lodge area, branching off to the east from the main road into the park at the North Entrance. It ends at Cape Royal parking lot on the Walhalla Plateau.

How long does the Cape Royal Road take to drive?

Cape Royal is 19.7 miles from Highway 67, the main road into the park. It takes about a half hour to drive to the end of Cape Royal Road, depending on how many stops you make along the way to admire the amazing Grand Canyon views. It could easily fill an entire day of vacation with some marvelous hikes thrown in.

What will I see along the way?

  • Vista Encantada: Stop at this viewpoint soon after you veer to the right on Cape Royal Road, heading south to Cape Royal. Vista Encantada provides views of the Walhalla Plateau and you’ll be able to see all the way to the Painted Desert. It’s also a great place for a picnic.
  • Roosevelt Point: Take a short hike in a quiet wooded setting and reach Roosevelt Point to relax on a bench as you marvel at the views. From this point you can see the Vermilion and Echo Cliffs.
  • Cape Final: Here you will not only get some panoramic views but can hike, camp in the backcountry and find some incredible photo opportunities. It’s about a two-mile hike to Cape Final but well worth the time and effort.
  • Walhalla Overlook: From this overlook, get an amazing view of the Unkar Delta, where ancient Puebloan Indians farmed. You can take part in a ranger talk called “Into the Past” where you’ll learn all about the people who inhabited the Grand Canyon thousands of years ago.
  • Cape Royal: As you hike the Cape Royal Trail to Cape Royal, you will find signs telling you what you are seeing as you peer out into the wide expanse of the canyon. When you reach the cape, you will have the canyon open up to views of Freya Castle, Wotans Throne and other amazing sights.
  • Angels Window: Along the Cape Royal Trail, you will see Angels Window, a unique and natural arch. You can walk out over the arch itself and join in the exclamations of awe as you experience the views.