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Highway 89

Highway 89 Arizona is the ultimate scenic drive, including many historic sites, national monuments, pine forests and the gorgeous scenery of Vermilion Cliffs, Lake Powell and much more.

  • Take Highway 89 and Highway 89A to see the best of Arizona
  • Provides easy access to both the south and north rims of Grand Canyon National Park
  • Leaving from Flagstaff, Arizona, stop along the way to visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
  • Cross the Colorado River on Navajo Bridge

Why should I drive Highway 89?

Arizona Highway 89 takes you through Grand Canyon country and Navajo land in the northern part of the state, where you can experience sights and attractions that are perfect for family enjoyment.

Where does Highway 89 begin and end?

Highway 89 AZ begins in Flagstaff, Arizona, splitting near the Utah State Line into Highway 89 and Highway 89A. They meet up again across the Utah border in Kanab.

How long does Highway 89 take to drive?

Taking Highway 89 and 89A, from Flagstaff, Arizona to Kanab, Utah, the trip is 201 miles and takes three hours and 45 minutes to drive, if you don’t stop for any attractions on the way. When taking Highway 89 without the alternate route included, it is 206 miles and takes three hours and 48 minutes, not stopping for attractions and sightseeing.

What will I see along the way?

  • Riordian Mansion: Touring this mansion shows what gracious living was all about in a small logging town. This rustic structure boasts arts and crafts architecture, with an exterior of log siding and stone arches.
  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument: Early on this volcano erupted and formed the landscape as you see it today. Life has returned to the area of lava flows and you’ll enjoy walking the Lava Flow Trail to see the trees, wildlife and flowers blooming at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.
  • Wupatki National Monument: At Wupatki National Monument you will see the remains of the largest pueblo in the area, a legacy that takes you a step into the past to see American history in the making. Take the paved trail to learn more about the Indians who made this their home.
  • Navajo Nation: You will pass through the Navajo Nation, which covers not only thousands of square miles of Arizona, but extends into Utah and New Mexico as well. Explore the region to find numerous tribal parks, historic sites and Lake Powell, which is a popular spot for water sports.
  • Grand Canyon National Park South Rim: Naturally, you can’t pass up the South Rim of Grand Canyon, one of the most popular spots in the United States. You’ll enter the park via Highway 64 at Desert View, with immediate views of the canyon.
  • Echo Cliffs: Stretching along Highway 89 is a long wall of cliffs, colorful and worthy of many photos. This is the edge of the Kaibito Plateau.

This is where Highway 89 and Highway 89A split – to meet again in Kanab, Utah.

Taking Highway 89

  • Glen Canyon Dam & Lake Powell: Not far from Page Arizona, Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell offer plenty of outdoor recreation for the whole family. You can water ski, swim, go boating and explore the canyons at the water’s edge.

Taking Highway 89A

  • Navajo Bridge: This marvelous bridge crosses the Colorado River at Marble Canyon. Again, be sure to have your camera at the ready.
  • Lee’s Ferry & Marble Canyon: Lee’s Ferry in Marble Canyon is the start of the Grand Canyon, and is often the place to launch a river trip down the Colorado River.
  • Vermilion Cliffs: View these colorful cliffs that provide not only incredible scenery for your drive, but in spring, a multitude of beautiful wildflowers add to the palette of colors.
  • Jacob Lake: This small town is situated in a lovely ponderosa pine forest at 8,000 feet above sea level. Here you can take Highway 67 to the North Rim of Grand Canyon.
  • Grand Canyon National Park North Rim: You must drive south to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park and see the entire canyon from a new perspective. You will be at a higher elevation and get spectacular views of the canyon’s red rock formations.
  • Kanab, Utah: Here is where Highway 89 and Highway 89A meet up once again, at this town that is also known as “Little Hollywood,” due to all the movies filmed here. You can stay a while and visit nearby national parks and the Best Friends Animal Society, which is the largest animal sanctuary in the US.