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Hermit Road

Hermit Road offers a perfect scenic drive within Grand Canyon National Park, with numerous stops to take in incredible scenery, such as Hopi Point, the Abyss and Hermits Rest.

  • Drive Hermit Road Grand Canyon and take in the sights along the way
  • View the Orphan Lode Mine at Maricopa Point
  • Stop at popular Hopi Point and enjoy the canyon views
  • Take a short hike on Greenway Trail at Monument Creek Vista
  • Grab a bite to eat at Hermits Rest

Why should I drive the Hermit Road?

Hermit Road Grand Canyon gives access to Grand Canyon views like no other. You can drive your own vehicle along this route in winter, or take a national park shuttle bus in summer months to save a lot of time and hassle.

Where does the Hermit Road begin and end?

Grand Canyon Hermit Road starts just west of Grand Canyon Village off the Village Loop Road. It ends at Hermits Rest along the south rim.

How long does the Hermit Road take to drive?

Hermit Road is 7 miles long and doesn’t take long to drive from one end to the other, but you’ll want to stop for sightseeing and perhaps some hiking. You can spend up to four hours or more enjoying this scenic route.

What will I see along the way?

  • Trailview Overlook: Your first stop will be Trailview Overlook, looking out over the switchback trail leading down the cliff and beautiful Redwall limestone. It’s only an introduction to what’s coming.
  • Maricopa Point: Stop at Maricopa Point to see an old inactive mine, the Orphan Lode, originally active beginning in 1891 but ceasing operations in 1967. Look out over the gorgeous butte, the Battleship, to the northeast.
  • Powell Point: This historic spot gives honor to Major John Wesley Powell’s explorations. He was the person who named this marvelous natural wonder of a canyon, as well as braving the Colorado River’s rapids.
  • Hopi Point: This is probably the most popular stop along Hermit Road. You can see classic views of the Colorado River and the colorful canyon walls to the east and north.
  • Mohave Point: This point is an ideal spot to witness a Grand Canyon sunrise as the canyon walls are lighted to the east and north. At any time of the day, however, you can get some wonderful views of Tonto Plateau, Granite Gorge and the Colorado.
  • The Abyss: Rather than sticking out into the canyon like most overlooks, the Abyss is indented in the walls and is well known for its steepness. It’s a great place to really get a feel for the depth of the canyon and its beauty.
  • Monument Creek Vista: Look down at Monument Creek’s headwaters and take a short hike on the Greenway Trail. Ideal for families who want to take a trek following this original path of 1912 visitors to Hermit Road.
  • Pima Point: Gaze down on abandoned Hermit Camp, and see where early visitors came for a getaway. If you are very quiet, you will be able to hear the Colorado River’s roar and crash.
  • Hermits Rest: Here you have easy access to some spectacular views, a unique place to rest, and some wonderful hiking trails. You’ll also find a convenient gift shop and snack bar.
  • Hermit Trail: If you have taken the shuttle in summer to Hermits Rest, you may like to hike back to Grand Canyon Village. It’s eight miles of canyon vistas.