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Information about the Hoover Dam is full of facts of history, spanning many years from 1922 when the arrangement to build the dam began. A National Historic Landmark, Hoover Dam saved the poor from the Depression era, provides a recreation place for thousands of tourists and generates power for three states. Read More

The history of the Hoover Dam is of interest to all United States citizens and visitors from other countries. It spans the years from prior to the Great Depression up to the present in its contribution to our country.

Also known as Boulder Dam, this concrete structure across the Colorado River began in 1922 when Herbert Hoover met with governors of nearby states to work out how to use the waters within the river basin to the advantage of all concerned. In order to keep the sediment and silt out of the river, the Boulder Dam Project began. Construction started in 1931 and finished by 1935.

With the Great Depression following the market crash in 1929, there were many people who were once fairly wealthy now standing in lines for bread. The construction of the dam provided jobs and thousands were employed; thus the dam provided sustenance for hungry families.

The power plant provides inexpensive hydroelectric power to three states. Lake Mead was formed with the building of the dam and was named after Elwood Mead who was an overseer on the project of building the dam.

A fascinating place to explore on any vacation and see the wonders man can create.

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