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Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Utah) covers over a million acres, offering matchless chances to participate in water and backcountry sports. The best location for watersports is Lake Powell, where boaters, fisherman and water skiers congregate every summer. The area itself is also interesting to most tourists because of it incredible geology and amazing history.

Utah's Glen Canyon National Recreation Area encompasses a vast expanse of mountains, lakes and interesting geological features. It draws million of people every year, especially to Lake Powell.

Activities are not limited to the water or backcountry. People come to boat, fish, swim, kayak, scuba dive, hike, drive, mountain bike and even just sit there and admire the scenery.

Like many federally protected areas in the country, Glen Canyon is open year round. It provides camping facilities, restaurants, a visitor center and the chance to try all sorts of programs run by the forest rangers. In fact, many people enjoy the many backcountry tours, including day and longer hikes, wilderness camping, stargazing and even canyoneering.

Glen Canyon is one of the United States canyons that have developed due to erosion and its many rock formations make for adventurous investigations by all who seek it. Canyoneering has in fact become one of the top activities in the park, including those who dare to rappel its cliff faces or wander around its sometimes dangerous caves. Others prefer to dare its wintery conditions, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and even ice fishing on the lake when most of its tourists have long since gone home to cuddle up in the warmth of their homes.

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Glen Canyon Institute

The Glen Canyon Institute is dedicated to the restoration of the Colorado River through Glen Canyon.