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A lot of details can go into planning a Grand Canyon National Park wedding. Start here and find local wedding planners, great venues, professional photographers, caterers and bakers, and much more. Read More

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Wedding Locations

Popular wedding venues within the national park include:

  • Pima Point
  • Moran Point
  • Shrine of the Ages
  • Point Imperial

Note that many locations within the park restrict your wedding party size. For more wedding venues, explore parks and resorts in nearby towns.

Wedding Permit

You will need a special use permit to hold a ceremony and reception within Grand Canyon National Park. The permit fee is $175 and the application typically takes two to four weeks to process. Contact the North Rim at (928) 638-7707 or the South Rim at (928) 638-7749 (summer) or (928) 638-7707 (winter).

Marriage License

Obtain an Arizona state marriage license from one of the nearby courthouses:

  • Flagstaff (928) 779-6535
  • Williams (928) 635-2691
  • Fredonia (928) 643-7472
  • Page (928) 645-8871

National Park Wedding Brochure

Download the Grand Canyon National Park Wedding Brochure.