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Phantom Ranch

A stopover at the Phantom Ranch as you explore the bottom of the Grand Canyon is an experience never to be forgotten, with rustic ambiance and comfortable dorms and cabins. Make an Online Reservation Request.

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Where is Phantom Ranch located?

Phantom Ranch Grand Canyon is at the bottom of the canyon, close to the confluence of Bright Angel and Phantom Creeks and on the north side of the Colorado River. The GPS coordinates are 36.105; -112.095278.

How can I make a reservation?

You can make reservations up to 13 months in advance for Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch by calling (within the U.S.) (888) 297-2757, and outside the U.S. (303) 297-2757. Make an Online Reservation Request.

Tell me more about Phantom Ranch.

Phantom Ranch AZ offers cabins with bunks and men and women’s dormitories. This is the only lodge below the Grand Canyon rim and can only be accessed by hiking, mules or when rafting the Colorado River.

  • Season: Open all year
  • Rates: Dorm rooms are $49 (meals are separate). Cabin with 2 people is $149.
  • Amenities: The Phantom Ranch Canteen (meals here must be booked in advance), mule corral, ranger station, a beach and a heliport
  • Historic Facts: The site where Phantom Ranch Arizona exists now used to be inhabited by Native Americans. A ceremonial kiva and pit houses were found here that date from around 1050.

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