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Lake Mead boating allows you to explore the many coves with overhanging cliffs, rocky outcrops and lovely beaches, and to cruise around a number of small islands in the lake.

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  • Find a number of launches and marinas around the lake
  • Whether bringing your own or renting a Lake Mead kayak, sailboat or motorboat, exploring Lake Mead provides much adventure
  • Camp on the shores and start your boat trip as early as possible
  • A boating guide provides the perfect vacation experience

Where should I go Boating?

Lake Mead
Lake Mead extends for 112 miles beyond Hoover Dam, and is the largest reservoir in the US. It’s a beautiful body of water surrounded by red cliffs and canyons, perfect for exploring by boat or experiencing a Lake Mead jet ski adventure.

  • Location: You’ll find Lake Mead southeast of Las Vegas on the Colorado River and north of Kingman, Arizona off of Highway 93.
  • Seasons: Lake Mead is open and accessible all year.
  • Marina/Boat Launch: There are five marinas where you can launch your boat and three separate launch ramps – Calville Bay and Echo Bay Marinas are on the north side of the reservoir. South Cove and Boulder Harbor launch ramps, Lake Mead and Temple Bar Marinas and the Las Vegas Boat Harbor are all on the south side of Lake Mead. You will also find the ideal Lake Mead boat rental at any of the marinas.
  • Boat Restrictions: The only requirement for boats currently on Lake Mead is that all boats must be registered and display the numbers properly on the hull, with valid registration records on the vessel.
  • Camping: Five campgrounds along the shores provide plenty of sites, some with RV sites with full hookups.

I am looking for a Boating guide

Find a Lake Mead jet ski rental, boat rental or even get a houseboat when coming to Lake Mead. Better yet, explore the listings on this page for a boating guide and tour the lake with a knowledgeable person who can make your boating adventure the best it can be.

Other Boating Resources

Lake Mead Sailing Club

The Lake Mead Sailing Club is a resource for fellow sailors to share information and equipment to sail on Lake Mead.