Grand Canyon National Park Swimming Pools



Grand Canyon swimming is a great way to cool off after a long day of exploring the overlooks, hiking trails and other amazing sights that this wondrous national park offers.

Where can I go Swimming?

Inside Grand Canyon National Park

Visitors should stop at one of the visitor centers to check with rangers before trying out any backcountry swimming. No swimming is allowed in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park as the currents are very dangerous and there are many major rapids.

  • Little Colorado River
    Swimming at the bottom of Grand Canyon is perfect. This tributary is accessed from the Colorado River at mile 61.7. Take a 2.6-mile roundtrip hike from this stop on your river rafting trip and take a dip in the lovely turquoise waters of the Little Colorado.
    Phone: for more information call Grand Canyon National Park at (928) 638-7875.
  • Travertine Falls
    Another stop you can make for a refreshing swim is at Travertine Falls. This is also only accessible from a rafting trip down the Colorado River and requires a hike from mile 230 to reach the falls.
    Phone: for more information call Grand Canyon National Park at (928) 638-7875.
  • Thunder River
    A very long (multi-day) and strenuous hike will take you into the canyon, and you should take advantage of Thunder River when you embark on this adventure. If you follow the Bill Hall Trail to Thunder River Trail, you will soon get to the river and can swim and have a snack before either turning back or continuing on to Deer Creek and ultimately return to the North Rim.
    Phone: for more information call Grand Canyon National Park at (928) 638-7875.

Outside Grand Canyon National Park

  • Lake Powell
    To the northeast of Grand Canyon National Park, you will find the waters of Lake Powell ideal for plenty of swimming and other water sports. At the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, summer water temperature is perfect for a dip in the lake.
    Phone: for more information call Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Park Headquarters at (928) 608-6200.
  • Lake Mead
    On the west side of Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead is available for swimming and great boating too. The Lake Mead Recreational Area has beaches, but no lifeguards. Always take care that children wear life jackets.
    Phone: for more information call the park information desk at (702) 293-8906.

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